Fall Prevention Kit - 9 products help prevent slip and fall accidents

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Nine (9) products included in the Fall Prevention Kit:

  1. Motion Activated LED Light
  2. Path Lighter Walking Cane
  3. Cane Holder
  4. Reaching Tool with Gripper
  5. Suction Cups Grab Bar
  6. Anti Slip Mat
  7. Telescopic Shoe Horn
  8. Anti Slip Socks
  9. Sock Aid

Below is an explanation of these items and how to use them:


  • Motion Activated LED Light: Battery operated LED light provides light in a dark area – the light does not come on until the built-in motion sensor detects movement in front of the light. Light can be mounted using built-in magnets on a metal surface or stick on to any clean flat surface with the provided 3M tape or using the included screws. IMPORTANT: Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


  • Path Lighter Walking Cane: This walking cane has a built-in battery operated light with ON/OFF button in the cane handle for easy operation – Built-in light, lights the pathway when walking in the dark. IMPORTANT: Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)


  • Cane Holder: A cane holder is also included with the cane which helps in keeping the cane where it is easily reachable without bending


  • Reaching Tool with Gripper: This tool can be used to reach for and pickup items that are out of reach without bending and/or stretching.


  • Suction Cups Grab Bar: These handle bars with suction cups are portable and can be moved from one area to another. These are excellent for use near the toilet or the bath where you need something to hold on to while getting out of the tub or getting up from the toilet seat.


  • Anti-Slip Mat: To use in a bath tub, shower area or place one anywhere you have slippery surface


  • Telescopic Shoehorn: This extendable and portable shoehorn is used to put on and remove shoes without bending the back or knees or lifting the legs


  • Anti Slip Socks: A pair of socks with non-slip bottom. These socks do not need to be worn with shoes- when you are around the house and your shoes are off you can use these socks to avoid slip on a slippery surface – these socks stretch to fit most feet


  • Sock Aid: The sock aid makes it easier to put on socks for people who have difficulty bending or lifting their legs. While being flexible, it is also just rigid enough to stay open after the sock or stocking has been loaded, allowing the foot easy entrance